managing director, cleveland

Sean Regan

I love the furniture industry... and have been to every NEOCON since 1982.

interior designer

Renee Kurz

When I am not picking paint colors, I like to read, shop and spend time with my adorable little nephew.

interior designer

Shannon Lutterbie

When being chased by zombies, I believe I have superpowers that make me invisible.                                                                                                            

Brandon Moore

managing director, pittsburgh 

I'll try any food once...but not sushi again. 

interior designer

Kelly Camp

I like to play volleyball in my spare time.                                                              



Jillian Bujnak

interior designer

" I always have coffee in one hand and a smile on my face."  

project manager

Donna Cilensek

Fun fact: I can ride a unicycle.                                                                                                                                            

interior designer

Tory Leuthold

I moved to Ohio from California over two decades ago, and have been cold ever since.

Casie Dottore

procurement accountant

I speak three languages...

English, numbers, and sarcasm.         

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installation manager

Adam Burhenne

I have completed a commercial furniture install in every state of the lower 48.                              



procurement administrator 

Jim Fishburn

Fun Fact -  I have one ABC and two USBC sanctioned 300 games.

Jen Diasio

architect, president

People think I’m an organization freak, but really, I’m an organization freak; I can’t even watch the TV show Hoarders.


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